This is my the oldest site in new design and with new CMS. Still working on it. Any technical questions? Do you want similar site for yourself? Contact me.
About this site

Rightlogo Welcome on my site. It's about my collection of kindersurprise toys. And yes, this site is 17 years old and I told myself to change it a bit.
I don't collect actively, it's more about looking for the best pictures on the net..
About photos on this site

Over years I've lost the tracks about the sources of the pictures on this site. All pictures on this site have the watermark, but it doesn't mean that I am author of them. I have permission to use photos from eierlei.de. They are the best for variants. A lot of them are my own, but you sometimes can't have so good photos or you haven't time. I always try to give the credit to original author... but over years, many of them are from eurokat.de or ue-ei-portal.de. Again, my watermark doesn't mean that I am author. It's just hobby... I don't make money from anything... Exactly oppositte.

Welcome on my site

Welcome on my site with information about my kindersurprise collection. Bellow are my main missing toys. I also look for many other items, so check my normal missing list too.This is not commercial site, many of used pictures are not my own, but I still try to give the credit to proper authors.

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My collection


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BPZ collection

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