This site is about my hobby - collecting some toys from kindersurprise eggs. I don't collect / swap actively in last years, in fact there are only some series I want to have, but I didn't want to let my old site builded on very old CMS felt into oblivion. So I updated this CMS to newest standard and joined it with new one on the market.  Still in progress. 

Missing toys - LAST ONES TO FINISH THE SERIE Complet list of missing toys

image from https://www.catawiki.com

© MPG 2S-301

Die längste Maus der Welt Variant  I AM MISSING
Die längste Maus der Welt

different paper

Schneemann  I AM MISSING

K-Logo SD279

Blumenfee orange  I AM MISSING
Blumenfee orange

© MPG TR085

Geburtstags-Schlumpf Variant  I AM MISSING

Kinderino mit Geschenk rot  I AM MISSING
Kinderino mit Geschenk rot

images from http://euro-kat.de/

K-Logo SE328A

Missing complet sets You can buy me them as your thanks
2016 FF Mascha und der Bär 4  
2016 FF Mascha und der Bär 4

Price about 19 Eur. 

Link to buy
The Simpsons 2  
The Simpsons 2

Serie from Italy, Portugal, France.  Reedition 2013 Russia in different colours.

www.eierlei-shop.de Price about 19 EUR.

Kinderino Sport 2008  
Kinderino Sport 2008

Only in Germany

Price about 160 €  example

ebay 90-160 

Doubles - LAST ONES ADDED TO DOUBLE LIST I have no updated double list now
Kater Karlo - Pete  IN COLLECTION
Kater Karlo - Pete

© Disney MPG FT180

Price: 1,70€

Neutral BPZ included

More info
Panzerknacker / Dlhoprstí  HAVE DUPLICATE
Panzerknacker / Dlhoprstí

© Disney MPG FT179

Price: 1,40€

Neutral BPZ included

Onkel Dagobert / Strýko Držgroš  HAVE DUPLICATE
Onkel Dagobert / Strýko Držgroš

© Disney MPG FT177

Price: 0,70€

Neutral BPZ included

Goofy / Goofy  IN COLLECTION
Goofy / Goofy

© Disney MPG FT176

Price: 1,60€

Neutral BPZ included

Donald Duck / Káčer Donald  IN COLLECTION
Donald Duck / Káčer Donald

© Disney MPG FT173

Price: 0,50€

Neutral BPZ included


© DWA L.L.C. K-Logo FF337

Price: 1,89€  (bought by mistake)

German BPZ included


S-P-5 Frisbee-Werfer

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